First Day of a ‘Big Awesome Sale’

The outcome of several years of Hoarding Woes has been working toward sales to move the stuff  off the property. Today was a ‘big’ ‘awesome’ success. I nice chunk of cash was made, but that already had to go to cover previous costs. More significant was the volume of low priced goods heading to the cars. 

As usual what you think people should like (the item or the price) doesn’t always play out. But, finally, today a great variety of goods were purchased. After the sale, hours were spent restocking the shelves and pricing the goods. 

We have made an effort to sell of tools and we have mucho tarps. There are numerous rolls of visqueen and tarps.

So far, most of the neighbors seem quite copacetic with the volume of cars and foot traffic. They visit often and bring friends. It almost seems like a tour event….’this is where that lady lived I was telling you about.’   ‘Oh, I remember the driveway and the tarps…yes’.

A restocked table in the Carport. Much of the previous contents were purchased. Tonight the table is being filled up again.

  ‘Interesting, there are some people that buy a lot and dare I say it, seem akin to a hoarder. Can I recognize them on sight? Not sure. Just a purpose about their visit. Not too much socializing. Buy a lot of odd ball things and in lots of something else.

One day down and a good day…all things considered.


2 thoughts on “First Day of a ‘Big Awesome Sale’

  1. momoftwo

    Glad it’s going so well. I get a kick out of seeing the Wexford stuff in so many photos. [The flour or cookie jar in the bottom photo is in AH Wexford pattern.] It’s *everywhere*. I saw about a million glasses/wines/etc. in some other pics.

    1. Yes! Millions. My Aunt was either committed for probably supply/demand/profit or/and had some fixation on them. Thousands and thousands of glasses remain. Finally!…yesterday a woman bought many for her church and is coming back this morning to buy more. There still remains hundreds of punch bowl cups without the punch bowls. Thanks for dropping by…

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