Hoarding Woes: Final Preps

Not that it is totally ready, but the sale’s preparations are truly about done. All the ‘merchandise’ (my Aunt’s expression) has been priced to sell. I made forty signs and a few more will be made today (arrows) and put up tonight in anticipation for tomorrow morning’s opening. A sweeping needs to be completed today. Some flowers planted here or there. Costume jewelry needs to be bagged today for sure. Tools and hardware have to be pulled out and displayed this afternoon. Neighbors have been invited for a pre-sale gathering this evening. The intense effort has paid off in appearances at least.

We often surmise that my Aunt and Mom are looking down, with appreciation for the immense effort taking place. If heaven is a perfect place, then hopefully my Aunt is not having a nervous breakdown over the pricing. I can just hear her now waggling her index finger and discussing the value of certain items.

It has come a long way despite many hardships and struggles. Now we shall see if my Auntie had the goods that contemporary folks seek today. Priced well, I think, the mid Century items are unique in many respects. We shall see tomorrow morning….maybe even tonight with the neighbors dropping in.


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