Time Crunch Felt…Relax?

First, Happy Father’s Day and to all the ladies, if you stand by that Dad (daughter, wife, girlfriend, the ex)…thank you. 

So, the clock is ticking and what with life’s worthy obligations right now, there is a sense of urgency and the unfinished business is ever more apparent. We have said all along that we would not stress over this whole process. Well, that subtle issue of pride and wanting things to be a success enters into the picture. Not a bad thing, if it is put into perspective now and then. But, strategic issues cannot be half assed, like ‘promotion’ and ‘advertising’.

 This low budget operation will use the typical Portland staples of Craigslist and telephone poles. But, making dozens of signs that will capture the eye and motivation of others takes time and we have yet to begin. So, that is one thing that must get knocked out.

It is good to remember, when one thinks they are getting no where, that this was the origin for much of the stuff on display today. It has been washed and sorted and displayed and the effort from less than a year ago had been very successful.

Pricing is only 20% done. Does every individual item need to be marked? Probably does and that takes time. The tables are 90% stocked. The tools, yard stuff, remaining wrought iron stuff, have yet to be put out. General cleanup has begun but a final real cleanup still needs to be done: gutter repairs, flooding, landscaping, safety installation, lighting, garbage accumulation, carrying stuff to the drop boxes have allowed for the depositing of gunk and dust and dirt. The cleanup needs to be easy does it because now one doesn’t want dust in the air and settling on the tables. So no leaf blowers and aggressive sweeping. 

Removing all the wet and gunky from the yard improved things greatly. Now, the large TP/Canopy sets atop this spot and begs to be emptied in the months ahead.

It will all happen and the the kinks will be worked out. You just want to get off to a good start and the little bit of pride gets one there to that point. Step by step and believing that with the passage of time, life will get better…….. 


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