Boxes, Bins, Bags (Containers Abound)

It occurred to me today, as I looked at the tables that much of the stuff that we pulled from boxes, Rubbermaid bins and bags are one form of container or another. Glasses, bowls, plates, vases, cups, pots, pans, purses, baskets, on and on the list goes of scads of stuff designed to contain something. 

Box upon box of lids and no bottoms. Like finding one shoe. Doesn’t seem worth putting them out there for sale.

Of course, there are exceptions like the lids. Dozens of lids, purchased separately and priced individually by my Aunt at previous sales. No bottoms exist for the tops. For a good long time we have saved all those tops thinking we would come along upon the bottoms. We haven’t and won’t. We have had a scrap metal pile numerous times. I have decided to have a scrap glass pile now, which will be recycled because frankly I did dump a lot of broken glass and may I tell you our overages (tonnage) have at times been amazingly high…due to glass.

It is time to cut out pieces of cardboard boxes to make signage. I anticipate at least 60 signs on various streets to attract interest. Lot of writing and spray painting and stapling/nailing.

One thought on “Boxes, Bins, Bags (Containers Abound)

  1. I guess, in the end, I should be darn glad my aunt made some effort to organize into containers vs. my mom who stacked much of her stuff willy nilly and made a mess of it.

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