Hoarding Woes: Drop Box, Tables Full & Green Dots

Last night, the drop box filled up quick with all the packing debris from the unwrapped stuff, yard clean up, broken down boxes and such. Removing this garbage reduces the odors. The air clears with the removal of paper, plastic and such that seems impregnated with musty, gunky and stench in varying degrees.

An unfortunate find were old cookbooks found water damaged and slathered in a smelly mess. Hard to tell how many years they had been sitting there in water breaking down. I hate to throw away any books.

We continue to find beautiful little treasures, but research aside, we are only guessing at this point as to value. If it seems truly unique out of the norm we see then it will go into the house for the later estate sales.

Stickers are going on piece by piece, with the motto ‘mark it low to go’ (actually I just made that up…you can use it) controlling pricing. Green dots = .50  Now that is low, and that is a reflection of how much stuff we have. Yes, we have higher priced items.

The Green Dot Girl…my Grand Daughter…says she is growing weary of the color green. She may be due for red dots.

Today will be turned over to a morning cleanup for a few hours then getting ready for a wedding and attending and then tomorrow more work until afternoon Dad Day activities and a Graduation affair.

Pricing and staging items for restocking are the priority now. Lesser tasks that may be achieved or not depending upon time will be maybe planting some flowers to liven things up and a definite heavy duty sweeping….again.


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