Hoarding Woes & The Gnome Quartet

If you have followed along the way, during the progression of Hoarding Woes, you may have glimpsed my appreciation for my Auntie. Her husband died in 1969 at Christmas time. He was everything to her and 40 years later she still could wax on about her dear, departed husband. The home has his imprint everywhere as he was instrumental in it’s construction. So, I have an appreciation of how hard she worked as a young woman and what she accomplished even as a hoarder later.

The Little Elf

So, one of my fascinations with the little lady was that she did not allow too many people to intrude into her hoarding space. So, as I move boxes here and there and feel their heft, I often think ‘how did she get all this back here?’ (into the house, yard, garage, patio etc.) or ‘up here?’ (atop a ten foot pile in the patio). She only had my mom to help. No neighbors lugged all that stuff down that driveway. So, she may have not lugged that sixty pound box from here car to the garage but she had to have carried all the individual pieces and then reboxed them at some point and then lifted and stacked them. Amazing, given she was a little thing.

This a good example: the Quartet weighs a combined 75#. Wrapped in 80’s newsprint, let’s assume she wrapped and boxed these Gnomes up 25 years + ago. She was 75 years old. And, I know she was a constant putterer of boxing and unboxing and inspecting stuff. She moved this box around and for a little elf it would be heavy to lift, drag, push around. Eventually, it was buried beneath a lot of stuff. Someone will like the Quartet in their yard or on their deck.

Another interesting discovery, at least for me, is heretofore, we had found stuff wrapped in mid 70’s newspaper. I take this as a partial indication she was accumulating stuff then and/or the newspapers too. But, this week, we uncovered a load of stuff wrapped in mid 60’s newspaper, before her husband died. Was she already collecting then? I know I was chauffeuring my mom around in the early 60’s as we went from garage sale to garage sale. So, maybe my Aunt had started her own procurement campaign sooner than I realized? Just curious.


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