Hoarding Woes: Paint & Chemical Disposal (Hardware Store?)

There are, in my area, large recycling facilities for waste and in particular chemicals. The nearest one to me is about ten miles away. But, I learned that some hardware stores in the area also, if you call and discuss the types of materials, take stuff off your hands too. These boxes of spray cans and old detergents are acceptable to a hardware store a mile from the hoarding house. Worth a try at least. Here, we are not allowed to toss such chemicals and paints into the drop box.

One thought on “Hoarding Woes: Paint & Chemical Disposal (Hardware Store?)

  1. swmbo

    So glad your community has easy access to disposing of chemicals. We don’t where we live but I’m going to call the hardware store and see if they also have a program for disposal. It’s hard to be a good citizen when there is no place to take things like that.

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