Hoarding Woes: Garages…The ‘Put It Over There’ Place

Yes, it is not as bad as it was several months ago. New lighting, door trim, new garage door and a clean carport give a more open appearance. But, the garage interior still is a magnet for things. All those bins need to be re-opened and the contents removed and placed on table tops and priced. That is a small fraction of the boxes and bins, but we have yet to touch them. Instead, if we don’t know what to do with something right now, we put it (lean it) in the garage or worse yet in the newly erected canopy. It is out of the rain, but psychologically I really need to conquer a space and maintain some semblance of control over it.

Some width was gained in the back of the garage and I set up one table top with room to walk around it. Leaning boards and old sticks/brooms/shovel handles need to come out of there. The lighting is a great addition.

By this time, I had cleared a long path for tables through the carport and into the garage with room for the garage door to close. There are side tables too (the ones in the garage are stacked with boxes/bins. The carport side tables are clear. There is room to sort and stage!

An example of the leaning, set it aside for now process. There does not seem to be away around this short of tossing stuff prematurely. The spot has had a gazillion items set, leaned and piled over the last year. Many get tossed ( this will sound careless, but that spot is open to rain and many items have been water damaged almost by subconscious design…I sometimes think) or are still stand/leaning in a new spot. Someday, things will surely get better. pp.

Ok, off to the grind. Need to make progress today. Sun is out for now.


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