Hoarding Woes: Too much of a good thing…water.

Yesterday, I left work early and headed down to the hoarding house to start filling the 6 yard drop box. So far, I really like that size for a moderate cleanup effort. It is definitely better than the Bagster concept we toyed with for a smaller cleanup. 

As I arrived the skies opened up hard, hard even for Portland. I have been remiss in not fixing a downspout-gutter problem off the patio and as the rain came down ever harder and harder the gutter overflowed and water went everywhere inside the patio and atop items set out. So, I need to get up on the roof (not my favorite places to be) and I need to throughly clean out the gutters for the house and patio cover that are jammed. This is a tedious project given the structure of the gutters and shields that are bolted in and quite rusty.

The Downpour ‘Flooding’ Patio and Carport 

Picture within a few seconds of turning off the recording a bright flash and within a few seconds a loud crack of thunder. Would have impressive hey?

I did fill up over half of the 6 yard box with bags of garbage that has been staged for several weeks. The old rickety card tables with rotted legs and funky hinges went bye bye. The few remaining worthy card tables are being used as supports beneath plywood.

The carport was thoroughly cleaned out and unlike the usual ‘stuff dance’ of moving it here and there, I made decisions to permanently remove items that are not worthy of donations or resale or retention. I scrubbed the floor with a heavy brush and cleaning agent and rinsed it down. The garage (beyond the white door) needs a good mopping because of the smells in there. Once a lot of the cardboard boxes and old newspapers (wrapped around glassware from the early 80″s) come out of the garage a lot of odor will be removed. Then the floor will be scrubbed.
Yesterday, I removed the old rotten carpet/rugs in the shop in the rear. If you recall, I nuked a whole hell of a lot of flies in there. They are all over the floor, counters and stuff. All that will be swept up and maybe a shop van will be christened. Even the damn sticky fly paper strips, full of dead flies, will be coming down. Removing the old carpet removed some of the odors in there.
Trying to loosen the accumulated gunk that coats the cement floors and driveway. I have come to see the driveway slopes back toward the carport and garage. As the water runs back it carries the particulate crap into the carport. There is a drain in the carport off to the side that catches the heavier water runoff but the crud is deposited atop the pad. Swabby Detail

The electrician comes today to finish the wiring and lighting. The drop box will continue to be filled with debris. The back tent with it’s collapsing load needs to be attacked today. The gutters over the patio need to be cleaned. Stuff needs to start coming out of the boxes and onto tables for pricing. It will be a long day/night.

My team has ‘temporarily’ disappeared for various reasons, mostly injuries and burnout. Hopefully, they will regroup to help in various ways. I will do what I can this weekend.

The old card tables propping up the plywood table tops. The table tops will have the upper shelf atop the milk crates too.


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