Decay, Grit (Less Prep and More Mess)

My Aunt had all manner of outdoor furniture tucked away beneath tarps, boards, vizqueen and just out. Ironically this was, she told me one of her favorite pieces. It was wrapped in heavy plastic, bungeed and bound for protection from the elements. In the end, it took a worse beating than most of the pieces. It is even missing one side. It could probably be stripped down with a whole lot of work, but not by me. This is the heavy iron stuff not the cheaper aluminum.
Yet another critter bit the dust and in a spot I had already cleared. Wedged into a spot of the back yard tent we erected in March. Accelerated decay in the plastic. Stinking, putrid mess atop boxes of good stuff.
Water can be so pleasant and a vehicle toward satisfaction or it is a nemesis. Too many times leaks, seeps, just plain deluges cause damage and frustrations. I remarked about the gutters over flowing and soaking things on the patio. Today, I intended to clean the gutters. But what a clogged mess I found with little room to move a tool to remove the moss, grit, scum from the narrow opening of the ‘gutter’. I finally gave up because I was making a bigger mess with the running water than the rain did. I cleaned as much of the gutters as I could reach, but this is a problem I may not be able to rectify in time for the sales.

Today was not one of making the bigger gains. I wasted a lot of time and made bigger messes than I resolved. The electrical is nearly done, a small part remaining for tomorrow. There are now 22 tables. There is just a lot of clunky stuff set around that will not go on a table and is in the way too many times. The drop box is nearly full. The clock is ticking with 11 days to go.


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