Hoarding Woes: Plugged In…But In the Dark

The seemingly never ending process of moving stuff from here to there to make room, then moving the stuff from the ‘there’ spot to a new ‘there’ spot eventually frustrates. This is especially true if the items being moved have no real value.

We have lots of scrap lumber, most of it not high grade or even serviceable pieces. It would be ok for someone on a place where they were patching, closing in, stacking stuff etc. This is not high grade  lumber. Well my father in law is frankly a hoarder of lumber…all manner of lumber, large and small. This lumber scrap needs to go, but he has laid claim to it and has no place to store it now (his four sheds and large shop are jammed). He enjoys visiting the site and helping, but a stroke and physical limitations prohibit him from lifting too much helping make room. But, he sits and watches that lumber being moved about and remarks in that way people do with memory damage….over and over that he ‘sure wants that lumber’.

This is the patio. The garage door is down obscuring the chaos in there. The patio is emptying out. Tables need to go up on the sides and down the middle. What you mostly see is lumber leaning to the right side, much out of view and to the left and rear. We have no use for it hear. What serviceable pieces there were have been used for a table top (sheets of plywood) or table legs (2 x 4’s and old card tables). All this has to come out of here and not just be stacked or leaned again. Tired of looking at it.

 The lumber has to go. It can’t go to his home. It can’t keep being in the way day after day. It has to go. Along with a bunch of other odds and ends. So, I have made the decision to store the best lumber pieces away from the work areas and toss the rest when my father in law is not on site. We shall see how that shakes out. A drop box is being delivered this morning………………….

Part of the wiring that has been installed. The outside the house conduit was a compromise. To install via the attic and from inside would normally be more expensive. It is the established nicer way to do things. Problem is there is limited access to anywhere inside the house, even the attic. So we have light and we have conduit. The house has godawful vinyl siding. Something my Aunt was talked into after a fire she started in her hoarding home tens years ago. Maybe someday that siding will come off but that is a $20+k project to consider…..eek!

All that light, doesn’t illuminate the darkness we feel when looking at some of the stuff. Much is the same massive amounts of items my Aunt fixated upon. But, some pieces are unique even if shoved in rotting cardboard boxes, outside for rodents to nest in.

This is an example. We have no idea what this is worth. If we were running a straight estate sale, like for the contents inside the home against the walls, we would have a better estimation with an estate sale planner. But, there are frequents finds of seemingly older stuff in boxes outside. Maybe nothing, maybe a lot. It greatly slows you down to keep pondering…so if they seem unique or intuitively special, we set them aside to be rediscovered again later…..

This seems like a perfect use for this sign, although it will be covered over with either butcher block paper or some cloth cover. But, it is a remnant of when my Aunt attempted to run a large store for stuff and then she lost her lease and her home which was a part time staging area became the total repository for all the stuff coming out of the defunct second hand store…then she added even more stuff as time went along.

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