Hoarding Woes: It Isn’t Always the Stuff

If you have followed here for a long time, then you know how this blog started back two years ago. My wife and I were fresh out of a long stint of caring for my mom during her cancer treatments and finally we were into the hospice/home care treatment for my mom in our home.

Cancer, hope, lost hope, decline, recognition of the end nearing, the end, grief, and then full bore into a long hoarding cleanup of my mom’s home/yard while at the same time assuming a dominant role in the care of my Auntie (my mom’s best friend). We marched through the memory lapses, the hoarding home, the health concerns, the fall (broken bones, removing her from her hoarding home temporarily we thought), adult foster home care, more broken bones, dementia and finally the broken hip surgery and rapid decline into hospice and her passing.

 Now as we prepare for the never ending sales and cleanup, we have a respite from the illnesses, waiting and grief. But, we are just a step or two away from more such family encounters. And, as I read Cindy’s Cancers, I am reminded (indirectly of course) of life back at the front end of that progression and how daunting it is for all involved…and, of course, the patient themselves.

It touches us all doesn’t it? Some win, many lose. Visit Cindy’s site, go back and review and get a feel for this most courageous woman. Yes, it is particularly hard if you have suffered the losses as I have and you have. But, Cindy is writing…to us. Read. Support her.


2 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: It Isn’t Always the Stuff

  1. I feel like I need to let other people know what’s happening all at once so I don’t have to keep repeating to everyone I know what’s happening. Some days are bad but most days are good and I’m really trying to get through everything as best as I know how. Although I know there are many angry family members lingering. I hope you keep reading my blog and I thank you for passing it on to other people. It gives me a reason to keep writing.Thank you so much!

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