Hoarding Woes: Event Planning? Oh, the calendar

Yesterday, I remarked about the limited amount of time before our first sale. Well now, in the nose down, plowing ahead mode one stays focused on the end point (well the first of many anyway). 

Oh what a month June is…and July too!

Take a dart and throw it at the calendar and you will likely land on one of four birthdays, one graduation, Father’s Day and all this before the first sale. After the first sale and around the planned second sale are three more birthdays. Need I say more? 

The date is set and strategically coincides with other sales nearby. We will now have to make the most of each day….and, here I sit writing this.

The electrician comes again tomorrow afternoon to finish wiring the garage, carport, patio and driveway. I learned tonight that the back bedroom has an outlet that needs to be accessed. Huh? There is not a trail into that bedroom. Tomorrow, I will be sneaking away from work and spending several hours moving the bedroom contents either up and back or out and down the empty hall. The bed is blocking the outside wall housing the outlet.


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