Hoarding Cleanup: Shelter, Tables and Light

Heavy rains have been coming all afternoon and evening. The un-sided canopy allowed water to runoff the roof and splatter into the sides of the open area and atop the tables. So, the sides went on this evening. The electrician came by and started the installations. One light was installed and the wiring was being strung through the walls. He is returning and finishing up the installs this week. Table tops were constructed and some need better supports.

The all this there is an underlying smell from the old cardboard and just an accumulation of crud outside. That will be a hard thing to remove and as the weather gets hotter I hope the smells do not increase and the flies swarm. We are creating a pile of broken down boxes. It is evident that before we have the initial sales there will have to be another drop box (smaller) to remove a lot of the smelly debris. 

The left wall panel was installed along the house. This will stop the water from pouring off the roof and into the covered area. Unfortunately it will run down the side of the house into an area it is not meant to run. Pray for sunshine.
The fence line wall was installed too. Tables were constructed from old card tables my aunt had (there are about 30 of them…there use to be double that). A 4′ x 8′ sheet of plywood has a 16″ strip cut off leaving a 32″ wide table and the 16″ piece is used atop the milk crates as a shelf of sorts. The wood portions will be covered.
The first light install was to provide some preliminary light for the garage. A great, welcomed start for sure.

There will be two to three times a week donation piles for the Vietnam Vets Association. So, an emerging garbage pile, donation piles and building of tables. Right now we have two 16′ foot long tables in the canopy. The garage will have three 12′ long tables of from 4′ to 8′ wide. The carport will have three 12′ long tables. The patio will have eight 8′ foot tables.

So, that will be 18 tables of from 8′ to 12′ long with some having the milk crate shelves. Of course, there will be lots of space for bigger stuff that will stand here and there. Also, there will be wall hangings.

The donation pile for the Vet’s
A perfect place to take a seat and rest a spell…and stay out of the heavy rains that pushed through this evening.

So, although this is boring I know, it is the infrastructure work that has to take place. While the sorting and pricing goes on, there has to be a safe, dry, inviting place(s) to view the ‘stuff’. That is what is being created now. Two weeks to go until the first sale. Note, this is just the beginning of a series of sales to move the ‘stuff’. Later, hopefully…dear God hopefully this year we will have Estate Sale(s) for the collector, vintage, antique materials. There will be no access into the home for sales for some time to come.


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