One Year’s Passage

Just a few days (9) shy of a year from when things drastically changed for my Aunt. She had, on June 11th given me permission to finally start cleaning the outside, the driveway in particular. She was planting flowers along the border of a flower bed. I was just delving into the piles at the front of the driveway, under her watchful eyes.

My Aunt had just finished planting some flowers and was sweeping up the little pavers. I took a shot to show the then  93 y/o girl out there working away as she had for many years. I put the camera down, grabbed a box and headed for the front porch beyond her and to the right. I set the box down, turned to move back toward the driveway and my Aunt was down face first into that scalloped border. Her glasses smashed, her left forearm broken, her left knee broken. These injuries set in motion a series of care realities and subsequent decisions that changed her life and ours as well.
Today, we had a crew come in and place down a walk way where my Aunt had fallen almost a year ago. They removed the old pavers and edging and constructed a pleasant flagstone pathway. The bed to the right will receive plenty of color and present a pleasant approach to the garage/yard/patio sale down the driveway. I know my Aunt would have never spend the money, but I think she would like the pathway.


The emphasis today was on preparing the patio area and cutting up plywood for table tops.

There are approximately half a dozen banquet tables. There is a need for at least 10 more tables that are 8′ long…maybe more. We had plywood that had been stacked in the garage. With saw horses and numerous old card tables, we decided to use those as the underpinnings to plywood table tops. We cut them at 32″ wide. Those pieces will form the table top. The remaining 16″ section will be a back shelf perched atop milk crates (standing on end) that will stand at the rear of the table on either side. My Aunt and my Mom had somehow commandeered many, many milk crates and filled them with stuff. My wife said, “OMG! That picture shows my roots” I said it also shows that tarp sided shed and stacks of crap in the back yard. 
Well this wall was full this morning. We moved everything to set up empty tables at this point on the patio. All that stuff, previously sorted, had to go somewhere.
Testing the often asked question “how many times will we handle this box until it is all gone” we moved everything from the space beneath the kitchen window in order to construct new tables. The stacked boxes were moved over into the space we emptied and washed yesterday. Then as we set up the plywood tables, the contents of the boxes will be brought out, priced and put atop the new tables and hopefully by the time we work our way around to these tables they will be empty enough to house their own priced stuff….that is the hope anyway.
The roses are prospering despite little attention. This Pink Beauty (my name) was holding up well despite the heavy downpours today. The Poppies did not fare so well.

We will return to the patio tomorrow. The electrician will hopefully come tomorrow. Today, at one point, I sat down to rest. That was all she wrote….I faded and dozed off. Done. Tomorrow, I have to not sit down and maintain momentum!


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