Hoarding Woes: Never Seems Clean Enough…..

The remnants of many dead animals, lots of moisture, flies, heavy odors and just filth linger at my Aunt’s outside. It begs attention, especially now that we are moving toward the sales. One thing leads to another. It will fall upon me to do most of this cleaning up while everyone else prepares to set up tables and start the process of removing all that stuff we put into boxes and pricing it. Much will have to be cleaned up a bit too to remove that certain odor.

Everything begs deep cleaning, but as you do this sort of things you have to be careful…just like that kitchen floor to stay off it for awhile and let it dry and do not traipse dirty shoes over the just mopped tiles! 🙂

There are many existing buffet tables (the 6′ to 8′ heavy beasts that caterers use). But, there is a need for more, so sheets of plywood will have to be cut to width to form tables and also create a shelf in back…you’ll see what I mean soon. A second canopy/tent has been purchased like the one in the back yard, which now currently houses all that storage locker stuff.

Gutters and down spouts need to be cleaned and fixed that have been allowed to spill water and make a mess of things. More rain is coming the next few days too. 

So, admittedly the staging and plans are a bit fuzzy right now. I imagine we will set things up and have to adjust along the way to fix problems we didn’t perceive at first. Can’t say slow and easy right now…but definitely easy does it on the stress load so we can sustain this long haul.
On a lighter note, the last remaining patio furniture pieces were happily purchased by a woman, who was retro-ing her patio to match how her grandparents use to furnish with the old style aluminum glider, lounge recliner and rocker. She fortunately brought the big rig and loaded four pieces inside with inches to spare. That is a huge relief now.

One thought on “Hoarding Woes: Never Seems Clean Enough…..

  1. annietiques

    It is amazing………You and your team have done so much already, disposed of mountains of stuff, and still so much remains! Still can’t picture how such a tiny woman amassed so much!!! The patio tiles look wonderful!!! Good luck with your future sales and may this burden be lifted from you and yours soon!!

    PS Saw evidence of your parent’s roses amid the tall grass (weeds) at your Mother’s home; the only bright spot in a dismal development! Any extra lawnmowers at your Aunt’s property???? I say drop one off at your parent’s home……a subtle yet direct suggestion. The poor neighbors, what must they be thinking????

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