Hoarding Woes: Which End is Up?!

As you might recall, The Team emptied out my Auntie’s large storage locker several months ago (March 24th). Everything started out so nice and tight. 

There was a lot of boxes wedged into that large tent. The plan was to sort the boxes as we moved them from the storage locker and only retain what seemed worthy of resale and donate the rest, if suitable. Almost everything was retained and donations were also made.

There was/is a lot of stuff that came out of the storage locker and into the tent in the back yard.

Well, we are dealing with cardboard boxes, weight, moisture and shifting molecules I ‘spose. Slowly the load inside the tent shifted and bad ju ju prevailed.

As you can see the rear of the tent is askew. The boxes have collapsed against the back of the tent. The boxes are wet and the tent is dipping backwards against the tarps and ropes I secured against any shifting.
Rearing up in front like an angry tent…the legs are a good foot off the ground because of the collapse in the rear. Of course, the contents in front have had water seeping in beneath the tarp.

Headed to Costco today to see, hopefully, they still have these oversized canopy-tents. Will need one for the driveway. Prepared the neighbors about this because we do not want to wear them out with traffic, noise, visual blight and intrusion. Everyone seems mostly tolerant right now. We want to maintain good relations in order to get through the cleanup.


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