Moving the Iron and Another Dose of WTH!

Well, a combination of patience, a great mix of customers and prayers moved 95% of the metal, ‘vintage’ ‘mid-century’ ‘retro’ patio furniture down the driveway and into awaiting vehicles. It was a long day, but certainly nothing that won’t reoccur for the next several months to come. After the torrential downpour last night we only lost one sign. The weather held nicely today. The selling banter was easier today with refusals met with more confidence and agreements reached. At the end of the day the stuff was mostly gone and a nice sum was in pocket that will go toward paying an electrician this next weekend when we have serviceable lights installed.

At the end, we went and collected our signs and secured the house. Recently, neighbors were awakened to their dog barking. They looked out the window to see someone prowling the side yard. When they turned on their outside lights the intruder ran down the street. Also, I had secured a side gate with my own little trip point to see if any one is entering the property via that secluded back gate. Yesterday, I found the trip point breached in a big way. I better secured the gate today.

 I received word today that I might want to go by ‘the old house’ (my mom’s house). If you recall, I posted in early May about the dismal condition of my parent’s old house. I acknowledged that the house had been sold and it really was no longer any on my concern. That is indeed true. I rolled up on the house today, with my wife prepping me as we rolled into the neighborhood to stay calm. No problem I reassured her.

What a bunch of unmitigated horseshit! And, I worried about my mom’s visual blight upon the neighborhood? Seriously, I don’t care what their earth cookie, warped BS spiritual fairy dusted concept is about their yard. Totally F’d up…had to say it. Good damn thing they didn’t come to the door. I would have ruined their karma.
Less than six months ago, the old house at the time of sale.

3 thoughts on “Moving the Iron and Another Dose of WTH!

  1. Bonnie

    I’m so sorry you had to see the severe neglect of your mom’s old property……and why anyone would want to deliberately bring it to your attention is beyond me. You are entitled to your instinctive thought of wanting to mess with their Karma a little, for sure.

    Your blog is so interesting. I read it beginning to end when I discovered it a few (?) months ago……not sure…I lose track of time! I can’t even imagine how very helpful your words and documenting of all the emotions and back breaking work is to those walking the same path you were/are with your mom and aunts houses. I’ve been particularly touched by how gently and respectfully you treated your aunt under such difficult circumstances as her life came to a close. Truly admirable. As long as you write, I will read.

  2. Veronica in CA

    Your mom’s house is not your problem any more. Please resist the temptation to drive past it, at least for the rest of this summer. They may be inexperienced gardeners who saw something in a magazine, and don’t really know how to pull it off. So lots of trial and error. I think whatever their goal is, it’s a work in progress. The vision of the new owners may become more apparent a year from now.

    So glad you made some $$$ at the garage sale. I would love to see what the Eames outdoor furniture looked like.

    Dealing with the wet cardboard wall in the tent: WTF indeed. Sometimes it may seem like one step forward, two steps backward, but I do think you have accomplished so much. Getting rid of the iron was huge. New garage door and tearing out all the crazy stuff in the rafters was even more huge.

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