Man, Flies, and Over Wrought With Iron

“A pyrethrin is a substance that acts as a neurotoxin and is very effective against flies and other insects. Because of its effectiveness, it is a common ingredient in fly bait traps, and it can be dangerous to humans…You can absorb this substance through your skin by touching liquid fly baits or ingest it by using fly baits in too close a proximity to food …pyrethrins have yielded results in laboratory tests that indicated carcinogenicity. Some fly baits and pesticides also use organophosphates, which are highly effective in killing insects, but are also listed as an ingredient in chemical warfare agents.” Livestrong

I have written about the fly problem before. It seemed under control. Today, I discovered differently.

As I walked into the back shop today, I was unaware that someone had recently decided to be helpful. I entered without turning a light on. I only needed a hammer from the nearby bench. The light shining in from the entry way revealed hundreds of dead flies all over the floor. What it did not reveal were multiple fly strips hanging from the ceiling. As if in some ridiculous horror movie, I first stumbled into one strip and felt it slather it’s sticky self across my nose. Twirling away in disgust I stepped into a second one and felt it’s embrace across the back of my hair and neck. At this point, I asked some very loud, pointed questions as to who had been so thoughtful in placing the fly strips. NO answers were forthcoming. I turned on the interior light. The windows and walls were alive with hundreds more flies, although it seemed hundreds more had perished on the floor and the four strips dangling from the ceiling.

For a variety of reasons, I am dismayed to see flies and everything they signify. I detest them. So, I stood there looking at all the dead flies and the equally alive ones. I headed to the hardware store. 

I crunched my way across the room and took a quick snap of these plump creatures. So many live ones cavorting about. How many eggs have been laid?

With a purpose, a determination fit for a siege, I drove to the hardware store. I left my wife to fend for herself selling ‘vintage patio furniture’. I strode to the aisle where deadly substances are shelved. I secured an assortment of concoctions and set them down on the counter as if I was buying boxes of ammunitions. I returned….tipped my hat to ladies looking at fine Eames chairs and marched to the garage and the shop in back. Following the age old ways, I did not read the instructions; rather  I followed the ‘if a little is good, a hell of a lot more is cataclysmic”. I held my breath, put my sleeve up over my nose and mouth and sprayed until not a creature was stirring…not even one damn fly. Freaky was the silence except for fluttering wings buzzing of flies already stuck into those tacky damn fly strips. I shut the door. Taped a sign to the door…’do not enter….danger’ and waltzed back out to the driveway to push fine patio furniture.  

“Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart….”  (Lord of the Flies)


On a lighter note, the sale was ok today. Not much of the big stuff moved, but a lot of little stuff did. More importantly, we met lots of neighbor folks who were very kind and spoke in sweet ways about my Aunt. I have decided to call a dealer to negotiate selling the bigger pieces tomorrow. We have a good sense of the pieces worth in various conditions. We need to move them and gain the space to set up. I refuse to stand still seeking the highest dollar for every item. My Aunt did that. My Mom did that. “No reasonable offer refused” didn’t elicit too much today. If the dealer is hell bent on taking advantage then I will retreat to eBay and aggressively see what transpires. In the meantime, a large downpour is taking place, the lightning-thunder combo is exciting…..and all our cardboard signs we so painstakingly stapled/nailed to strategic poles this morning are probably taking a dousing across town.  

I understand the gutter and downspout’s sense of not being able to keep up!


5 thoughts on “Man, Flies, and Over Wrought With Iron

  1. annietiques

    Another option might be contacting an auction house……….they might be interested in your nicer pieces of wrought iron. They usually have two options one where they give you a price for the entire lot, or they auction it off piece by piece and add a percentage to each sale that is paid by the buyer.

    Good luck!!! Move that stuff down that driveway……….

  2. Tish

    I have been following your travels for some time now. I’ve been helping friends with their relative’s hoarding legacies as well. Nothing so bad as what you have dealt with, mostly storage lockers. Lots and lots of storage lockers. I’m less inclined to look kindly on storage lockers, now….

    Anyways – I second Annie’s recommendation. When my Mom and Dad moved into a much smaller home, they had to decide what to do with my father’s mother’s antiques. Many of the pieces were big, heavy, ornate furniture items from the Old World – think 8 foot long sideboards and 500 lb china hutches. My Dad asked a friend who owns an auction house for his opinion, as none of it would fit in the new house. The friend offered a generous sum for the lot, plus 10% of whatever was made at the auctions. The auction house came and picked everything up for free, even moving stuff out of the attic and basement. My Dad still considers it one of the best deals he ever made.

    1. Thank you Tish for following along and I will definitely look into the whole process to be better prepared when we get down to those items. Yes! Storage Lockers…ugh.

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