Hoarding Woes: Garage Door

The garage, of my Auntie’s house, has been symbolic. Actually, so many parts of the place are symbolic of something…of what was. The garage is now symbolic of what is to become in the never ending cleanup process. The garage was buried with stuff for decade upon decade. It was sealed off with plywood, plastic and box upon box of stuff. Once cleaned out, the original garage door was uncovered. Opened and used as a giant shelf on its’ top side, it was full of metal parts, wood and I won’t bother to describe how much animal feces. It bowed in the middle from years of inappropriate weight stacked on the door. Now it is gone. A new door is installed. The cleanup around it will continue to remove nails, big metal hooks, plastic remnants and peeling paint. The ability now exists to secure the inner garage. Better lighting will be added next week. 

Early tomorrow morning, signs will be stapled to telephone poles. Arrows will point toward the target zone. Another day will be spent attempting to make room by selling off more stuff. Once that is done, the BIG PUSH will commence to display in earnest on a grand scale. 


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