Hoarding Woes: Now You See It..Now You Don’t

If you have followed along at Hoarding Woes, especially over the past year, you will recall I embarked upon cleaning the driveway first. This was an inroad with my Auntie that had taken the better part of a year to negotiate. 

As you may remember, she inspected all food garbage as I left the house. It was not enough to open the bag and let her peer inside. It had to be dumped out on the floor by the front door and inspected for something she might need later. So, the commitment to let me start on the driveway was a big deal. The smelly, dead animals helped expedite the process. And, after much effort the driveway was clean. 

Then it wasn’t as more debris came down the driveway to the awaiting drop boxes and with it dirt and stuff. Repeatedly, the driveway has ebbed and flowed like the tide with stuff. Today, the plan was to clean the driveway as best we could and then fill it up with patio/outdoor furniture for a sale this week.

A short moment in time………………
The momentary space was quickly consumed by patio furniture. What you see is about 2/3rd’s of the available stuff. More awaits a vacancy of space…and we know that will be filled. Hopefully all this will march right on down the driveway.

The Garage Door guy returns tomorrow morning to finalize an installation plan. 


One thought on “Hoarding Woes: Now You See It..Now You Don’t

  1. hopeandwings

    The saddest thing about almost all hoarders that I know, is that the stuff they keep and buy so often seems like it is for other people. Your Aunt saved garden and patio furniture for a party that probably never happened, because the furniture was inaccessible, or there would have been no room to have a party due to the filled up places. Hoarders imagine parties they could have, dinners they could host with all the dishes and cooking stuff they collect. In real life though, they are often too shy or antisocial to manage even a small gathering, and even if they could, there’s nowhere to sit. So sad….

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