Hoarding Woes: Explore the Options of Drop Boxes

If you followed yesterday’s Bagster episode, you may wonder about that decision. It was an experiment, a costly one to some degree. For the last several years we had used 10, 20 & 30 yard boxes drop boxes in our two hoarding cleanups. It never really occurred to us to explore a smaller box. I can’t recall in my around town travels seeing anything smaller. Yesterday’s Bagster event prompted me to do some checking last night and it appears there are smaller boxes.

I think that 6 yard box would have been just right yesterday and I bet much cheaper than the experiment we ran. Live and learn. Normally, you get a sense of the debris/garbage/junk that is accumulating and just know it will fill a 10  yard box at a minimum. Often, we have gone with the 20 yard box and just kept plowing ahead until we wore out. We have never failed to load a box over the top. But, yesterday’s stuff was a hodgepodge of stuff and there didn’t seem to be that much. In the end we filled the first Bagster, then a second one and we probably, if I read the admonitions correctly, over filled both. We shall see if they agree to pick them up tomorrow…or add insult to injury and add additional costs. If so I will continue to be less than kind in my remarks about the Bagster concept.

Here is a site in Portland, as an example, that provides the helpful visuals and explanations in selecting a drop box.


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