Hoarding Woes: The Bagster Deployment

This is how a Bagster looks once full of debris.

The Bagster is a cleanup tool that is on a smaller, ‘cheaper’ order than a standard drop box. My wife has been touting this gizmo because of some home redo show she watched. I was not convinced given the size of messes we have had. Well, we now have a smaller mess, but a mess none the less and our normal use of a trailer has fallen through for the dump. So, yesterday I was out buying a bagster ($30.00) at a local hardware store. Doesn’t look like much folded up. We stretch it out, load it up, bring the sides up along the debris…then call the garbage company for a pickup and it is gone for $129.00. Hmm? Seem spendy. But, a small drop box (10 yards) runs $250. to 290. right now. I have spent in excess of $10,000 in drop boxes between my mom’s  & aunt’s hoarding homes. This will hopefully become a reasonable option for smaller loads in the future. We will continue to have additional garbage for recycling as we unload cardboard boxes, unwrap thousands of pieces newspaper, plastic tarps, etc. At this point, anything to save dollars will help. So, tonight, I will give you my take on the Bagster.

Arrangements are made for a pickup and a truck comes and lifts the Bagster up into a box.

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