Hoarding Woes: Grandpa Sees Grandson Gets It

Recently, I wrote about a logistical burp: we need a garage door to secure the area between the carport and the garage. The entire area had been jammed full of stuff with the garage door up for well on forty years. Once we emptied the area out, it was evident the garage door was severely warped. We had it torn out last week. Unfortunately, we had partially refilled the garage with stuff from inside the house and salvaged stuff from the garage.

When the garage door was torn out, the company requested we remove a great deal of over head braces and racks that were going to obstruct the installation of a more modern garage door. So, today, my son Tony and his Grandpa Leo joined forces to assess the project.

Tony & Leo assess the rafters and gerry rigged over head storage area my Aunt had had constructed years ago. It all had to come out.

What so nice about this? Grandson and Grandpa? Well yes, of course. But, what is also nice about this is Grandpa Leo has built a whole lot of stuff in his life. He moves a little slower these days but he knows his carpentry. His Grandson Tony has recently been exposed to a lot of building and repair work. So, it was a nice day for one to show he has learned some things as a young man and for the other to point the oddities of older construction and gerry rigged stuff. In the end, the area was cleared of over head obstructions.

Much of the stuff we moved into the garage has to be removed to allow access for the installation of the new door in the next few weeks. Re-wiring may be in order too…something we didn’t think of. Ugh!



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