Hoarding Woes: To Each Their Own…You Can Never Look Back

As the song say ‘don’t look back…’. Last night we were out and about and we decided to go check out the ‘old house’ (my mom’s old hoarding house). We had sold it last Fall and left it in amazing shape inside and out. 

Last night was a reminder, a harsh reminder, that there can be little room for nostalgia, when walking away from a hoarding home and all it brings. Now, granted the weather has not been very helpful as it has rained steady for several weeks. My lawn is in serious need of mowing too.

That said, I was shocked by the appearance of the property. Over grown, all the ornamental shrubs pulled out, the flower beds over grown in weeds, the lawn over grown and muddy. And, planting of  birch trees that are grossly misplaced by the neighbors and bound to push out their retaining wall. And, birch trees are so damn messy, and…..Ok, deep breath……………

It was classic Portlandia ‘let’s see if I can make my urban home look like a commune sheep farm’. There has to be a chicken coop somewhere and………… stop! Not one bit my concern! To each their own! Don’t look back! 

Reality check. Change. Truly, to each their own. Just thank God I don’t live next door to that eye sore……….stop! Remember your mom’s hoarding eye sore? Ah, yes….good point. 


2 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: To Each Their Own…You Can Never Look Back

  1. Veronica in CA

    How weird! Totally Portlandia. In just 4 months, it changed so much. I would be too much of a slacker to change a thing in that yard, it looked easy to maintain.

    Consider it a work in progress. The new owners have their own ideas for their dream house, and it may turn out lovely in a different way.

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