Hoarding Woes: Making Room to Make Room

It has happened but we are a bit bewildered by it all. It doesn’t compute. Not sure I can really explain it. The junk, garbage, crap and waste have pretty much been removed inside and outside. Inside there is little room to move. Even after months of removal and discarding, there is a lack of room to truly stage or sort. How can this be?

It had seemed too soon to have any sales. Much of what we have is not wanted by helping hand organizations. But, it has too much value to just throw away. And, frankly, I don’t want to give anything to the Goodwill type organizations anymore. What to do? We do have to have some early sales to just make space to have the ‘bigger’ better sales. 

A lot of clothing will be donated, even atop what we already have donated. 18 giant plastic bags were filled today with just turtle neck sweaters and vests (to be donated). An aside, a downstairs closet was found to contain the mother load of crap costume jewelry. There are hundreds upon hundreds + of earrings of the gold, costume jewelry variety that must have caught my aunt’s eye. Little glimmering baubles that some how attracted her eye as if a gold coin. Her treasures of sorts.

 There is so much stuff, it cannot all be carted outside into yet another tent or the garage/carport (have to make room for the new garage door). So, the decision was made today to have some smaller, down and dirty sales to just get rid of stuff and donate even more and more. 

See, I told you my explanation would not really explain the predicament inside the house. No room to move more than a few feet in any direction. Stuff being handled too many times to get to new stuff…on and on it goes. 

Team members will remove yet another load of scrap metal from the driveway, in addition to an old refrigerator (remove motor + freon) and old washing machines. Lots of metal yard and wrought iron ‘art’ stuff will be moved early because it takes up lots of room; is dangerous as hell on the shins and becomes a tangled mess after awhile. Making room inside and outside to allow room to really sort through the stuff and spread out a bit is the mission for the next several weeks with an end of June target date for bigger sales. 

There is so much of this type of stuff...piles and piles of it outside. It takes up a lot of room and I am not sure who might want it.

I said I wouldn’t get stressed and I’m not…just others around me are. Slow and easy. 


3 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: Making Room to Make Room

  1. swmbo

    Have a sale for everything loose, everything in the garage, fix the door and use the garage to begin staging for the next sale ! My opinion is have a few small sales to make room for the “big” ones.

    You folks are amazing. Just keep taking one step at a time and you will be successful !!

  2. sammy

    If a quick and dirty sale doesn’t do it, just offer the wrought iron up as a bulk sale on craigs list – it is not perhaps an ideal way to get rid of it, but someone will take it off your hands quickly enough.

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