Hoarding Woes Update

The latest drop box is full and being picked up about now. The scrap metal will be once again removed tomorrow. The donations were picked up yesterday. The heavy rains and winds have stressed the ‘tent’ so I am reinforcing the tarps and poles with more tarps and bungees. Everyone, as I said, is nursing an injury of sorts.

Today, I removed my Aunt’s lock from the Storage Locker and let company know we were ‘officially’ done! I bet my Auntie is smiling down about now.

What now? Continue to sort inside and remove any garbage. Identify donations and move them out the door. Consolidate the stuff on the Patio, Garage and Carport. Put up new sidings on the Patio.

Also, we must make sure the area around the Garage/Carport door is left free so we can have a new garage door installed. This is frustrating because we are leaving valuable storage space cleared for the install. We have been waiting for over a week for an estimate. But, we need the door installed, just taking too long to get this started.


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