Hoarding Woes: Team Walker & Cleanup Safety

Thank goodness my Aunt had enough walkers on hand at the storage locker for us. We weren't too far from the home where we could have laid our hands on another dozen of so. Even at her worst, physically, she scoffed at using the walker...hence the falls and injuries. You think with all the walkers and canes she had she would have been eager to try at least one of them out.

So, again, I want to re-emphasize the following safety concerns (I know, it is just like being at work isn’t it?): trips, slips and falls…smashed fingers…lifting too much at once (too heavy, too many boxes)…eye protection from fly objects and heavy dust/grit…toppling stacks of  boxes…knives being used near you…people turning into each other while heavily laden…fatigue causing stumbling…using extension ladders and lifting boxes down from on high…dehydration…rushing…………………

It is safe to say everyone got injured in some fashion this weekend. Loose, heavy debris; lifting too much; a hand truck snapping back and popping a forehead, trips and doing it alone contributed mostly to the injuries. When you sit for lunch or a break, you will stiffen up. Not a bad idea to stretch out a bit after any prolonged break. Watch those around you that have pre-existing injuries and slow them down. And, realize too, regardless of friends or family, site injuries are a possible issue for home owners insurance or your pockets.


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