Hoarding Woes: Competing Forces…How Far Can You Stretch It Out

Yesterday Patty commented: “Have you thought about the toll this has taken on the neighbor? I think it is owed to the surrounding neighborhood to close up this situation as fast as possible even if it means not recouping as large of playback as possible.” (underlines mine)

This is, indeed, the fine line between competing forces at play: disgruntled, fed up neighbors, supporting neighbors, neighbors who want to join in on the garage sales, the cleanup Team who wants to finish soon, the cleanup Team who wants to do justice to the effort and not throw too much away, the cleanup Team who realizes how daunting the cleanup, sorting, pricing, sales will be……..on it goes. 

It is necessary to be aware of all these competing forces as they do compete. Think about the impact upon the neighborhood. I do every day as yet another drop box is delivered. The big truck rumbling into the neighborhood to drop an empty box down the street in front of someone’s home…then coming up to back in and grab the full one…then pulling out…dropping the full one…grabbing the empty one and loading it into the driveway…going and loading the full one…then sitting idling as we complete the transaction….this has happened ten times for twenty drop boxes in this quiet neighborhood. Just one example.

The cars that will come to a ‘good sale’ will be parked up and down the street. The saving grace here is that it is a very quiet neighborhood with few cars on the street. Parking will be available…but what if it weren’t??

I realize that we are going to be skirting city reg’s in that most often one is limited to but a few sales a year. We will, most probably have numerous sales culminating in a large estate sale or two. The alternative, offered by Patty, is to cut the impact and get rid of the stuff. A choice to be made…

Frankly speaking, there is too much valuable stuff remaining after all the garbage and donations to just give it away. It is other people’s portions of an inheritance to be gained (no none of them are here to help…but it is my responsibility/duty to see it through). It in some slightly warped way a duty to my Aunt, even my Mom, to finish what they started but finish it for sure!

There is a balance here. If you have no support from the neighborhood; they have had enough—If your Team starts to wear out, give up, fade away—if you are not respectful of the impact you present and plan on running the same operation your hoarding relative did, then you may well have problems in more ways than one.

We are, thus far, blessed with support from the neighbors. We are strong as a Team. We realize our impact and are calculating how to expedite the sales and still move the stuff away. We are in agreement to identify worthy causes and donate more up front (so far we have a Vet’s Org., Women’s Shelter, Youth Group identified for pickups or deliveries).

Your neighborhood, the parking, your facility/home, your Team, your greed, your guilt, your hoarding impulses, your emotional resolve to see this through will be forces at play and hopefully for you…for me…not be too at odds.

There is pressure here. The clock is ticking. I have advised the Team to not get stressed out and rush, as we did with my Mom’s. We burned out there and added extra months to the process because of health, grieving and being overwhelmed. Now, with my Aunt’s hoarding home, we are grieving, but I am insisting we slow down and find a balance amongst the competing forces. Thank you Patty for the input. 


2 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: Competing Forces…How Far Can You Stretch It Out

  1. Veronica in CA

    You and the team are making incredible progress, and it sounds like you’ve thought through the entire balancing act very conscientiously. Won’t it be great when you bring back that patio (with its beautiful fireplace) and back yard to its original garden loveliness?

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