Hoarding Woes: Clean Driveway….Yet Again……….

For awhile, I used the driveway as a benchmark for success. But, it has been cleaned and refilled on and on. I know it will be quite awhile until all I have to worry about is blowing off a few leaves.

This was the driveway last night. The donated materials up front and covered against rain. The background was garbage and beyond scrap metal.
The garbage off the driveway is gone, for now. The scrap metal is in the distance. The donated stuff in the foreground. The drop box remains over 3/4's full. More will be added this week from inside the house. A great effort by the Team today!!!

Also, of interest, is the fence. Because my Auntie ran a never ending garage sale from her driveway/garage/carport for years, the neighbor built the tall fence to obscure the view.


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