Hoarding Woes: Early Wake Up Call

The day started early: 3:30 a.m. Young daughter in France, twenty minutes late to check in counter, denied boarding on flight home. She was also suffering from either flu, food poisoning or adrenaline dump. Long distance calls via hard line phone as cell phone dead. Stressful communications, calming down the traveler to collect herself and make other arrangements to get state side and go from there. As I write this she is on standby for a flight to D.C. to Chicago. From there we will get her home sometime tomorrow (24 hours overdue) . So, now that that got us awake and alert, we are ready to get to work on our end. The day promises to be a nice day here and once I know she is on that flight home I will be more relaxed.

We may have added another Team member for the day. People offer to help and I usually turn them down for a variety of reasons. Yesterday, I told a guy at work…’ok’. I gave directions and an arrival time of 7 am. It will help with the ‘relay’ of boxes and stuff out of the storage locker into the truck and from the truck to the sorting station/tent at the hoarding house. It will be interesting to see how this effects everyone….the filling up of spaces we worked the last several months to empty with more stuff. Has to be done….we will be fine. Safe travel dear daughter.


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