Hoarding Mess Action Plans: Storage Locker Emptied!

Decisions: That ‘damn storage locker’ (my Aunt’s exclamation) will be emptied out this weekend. The Team will erect a large tent in the back yard; rent a big truck; empty the contents of that storage locker and transport it all to the hoarding house and sort it this weekend for resale, donations and garbage. 

Psychologically this is a killer to do. But, we must save the ever ticking $300. a month to the storage locker company. If I thought we were going to stall out and not move the stuff down the driveway, I would give it away. But, the consensus of opinion is we will move (sell) the stuff and will not be stuck in a back yard mess.

 Why is this any big deal? Well, that back yard was jammed before. To move so much stuff back into that space is galling. Also, my mom had tent after tent in her hoarding back yard….full of crap for years….so the plan of erecting the tent is annoying as hell. In fact, the tent will probably remain for several months necessitating buying another one for the driveway (the original plan). Crap! 

But, this is the most expedient plan to save cash and once and for all get rid of ‘damn storage locker’. It will be a very busy weekend.

The storage locker boxes go upward to the metal mesh ceiling. Wedged together like some ancient stone wall.


The Team members delivered all the chemicals this morning. The staff at the drop site said it was the largest private delivery they had had in some time. We paid $60.00 for the privilege. A load of scrap metal will be picked up this week from the driveway.

Pieces of aluminum roofing folded over double. Plus lots of wire and metal from the garden.


Imagine the neighbors this weekend as we arrive with the large U-Haul full of more stuff. I estimate it will take at least 4 trips. I find this all particularly frustrating given our recent weekend of feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff that we already had. Now to introduce that much more stuff beneath a tent in the back yard is a seemingly giant step backwards…..yet, it has to be done and imagine the pictures once we are done erecting the circus tent. BooHoo, I know. It just shows that hoarding has its mental gymnastics and Hoarding Woes definitely has its mental journey.


4 thoughts on “Hoarding Mess Action Plans: Storage Locker Emptied!

  1. I have been reading the back issues of your blog for the past month and am amazed at the fortitude you have all shown in dealing with the seemingly never-ending hoards. When I get overwhelmed thinking about the prospect of eventually cleaning up after my own hoarding parents, I will remember your continued optimism and your focus on the goal. My own 70 year old parents have build additions to their house, erected those “temporary” garage tents, and even bought the house next door in order to house their growing hoard. I, too, hate those tents. They even started to take advantage of my brother’s large farm and workshop and began to haul things there, until he finally put a stop to it. Sadly, that was in part because his in-laws had already stuffed his workshop with their own things. At least my parents are like your Aunt, with garbage not being a significant issue.
    It scares me to realize that I was on the path to being an adult hoarder back when I was a kid. I thought that I had mostly avoided it but once I had kids, I saw that I was finding it harder and harder to not keep everything. I embarked on a plan to slim down my life, one thing at a time, and started blogging about the task. I’m a lot more optimistic about my own situation, although I don’t have the same optimism about my parents.

    1. Thank you Teresa. I too seem to have a propensity to hold onto stuff and am currently a bit haunted by my own garage! It does sound like you have a major undertaking ahead. I hope you have help. Thank you for taking the time to read and also comment. Very kind.


      1. Well, there are two camps of help: the ones who have offered to help but have never seen it and think that I am exaggerating, and the ones who have seen it who just want to set the whole place on fire! The latter would be my brother – so practical!

      2. Ha! Well at least I see your sense of humor..even if partially true. Taking a leadership role in a hoarding cleanup, as you can probably imagine, can put you between several competing response plans…none of which may match your own.

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