Hoarding Woes: Progress & A Few Oddities

The Hoarding Cleanup moved along as planned: The several dozen pallets were loaded up and trips were made to dispose of them. We found a place that chips them up. Had they been in good condition, you can find some places right now that would buy them. The chemicals and paints, etc. were loaded into a trailer. There is a lot more to load tomorrow. A small 10 yard drop box was filled in a flash with outside gardening and yard debris.

The pallets were gone in a flash. Only a few remain where an old appliance is stacked on top. So, that was a beneficial removal and created space in the Carport and the Back Yard.

A concerted effort by all was made to remove years of gardening trash: hundreds of empty potting soil and fertilizer bags saved and stuffed in other bags for some reason; thousands of those little green or black plastic containers that plant starts come in…I mean at least a thousand of what had not crumbled or fragmented into the earth or plants; a dozen of what is probably at least three dozen push mower grass catchers. I am not sure what her fascination was with these. I could see maybe having a backup but dozens and dozens of these was too much; used hose after used hose rolled up and tied off along with a dozen or so just uncoiled throughout the tall grass and shrubs that had to be cut free from the earth, grass and shrubs; yard chemicals to the max; enough rotten twine to reach around the world; more scrap metal with the grass and shrubs having grown up through the metal work; rotten pvc piping and cracked plastic gutter sections; many sheets of rotten plywood, particle board and miles of tarps and visqueen rotting and crumbling; rusted tools; a dozen hand crank fertilizer spreaders; dozens of plastic watering cans on top of several dozen cracked and punctured ones I found last year..the list went on and on.  

A smaller box was filled up in no time. But, we didn't feel we would have enough for a bigger box. It took the pressure off of us to just do the smaller 10yd. box and not stress over finding more outside. Tomorrow we turn our attention into the interior of the house and there will be less garbage there. How's that possible if it is a hoarding house? Well, my Mom was a massive, filthy hoarder once she lost control of her garage sale inventory. My Aunt was a massive, highly organized hoarder in three fourths of her home. The remaining one fourth was, like my Mom's, very dirty. So, the downstairs, for example, is jammed floor to ceiling with full boxes of what she intended to resell some day. It is dry, relatively smell free and no critters have reached it. Little of it will be garbage. The question will be with each box: donation, keep for resale or keep for self and seldom will one here this is garbage with the downstairs stuff.

 An interesting find inside the house amongst my Aunt’s paperwork, that points to several issues amongst hoarders, the elderly and someone not watching out for them when outsiders are afoot in the house: several years ago, my Aunt said she allowed workers to come into her home and once inside one of them sent her on periodic errands to buy materials for repairs. The below image shows the aftermath of the worker’s sneaky intent.

What the note relates are her notes to self re the theft (I won't bother with alleged or suspected) of in excess of $10,000 cash from various locations in the house. Of course, the carelessness of having so much cash in the house in obvious. If you click on the pic it will enlarge and you can see how much the workers were searching and stealing while she was out. This certainly helped contribute to the paranoia my Aunt had from then on to strangers in her home, even family members.
My Aunt had a fascination with her calendars. I assumed they were for keeping track of future appointments or events. But, today we found calendars that were as much a diary of activity or no activity and less the event planner. There were several years of calendar entries like this and of course nearby every piece of mail she received, to include junk mail. She trailed off with these daily entries during her last few years and used the calendar as one normally would to remind her of pending appointments or events.

A downstairs bathroom has been jammed with boxes and stacks of clothing. The light bulbs have been burned out as well. The contents were removed and a little light was shed upon a very interesting find…the sexy shower door from the 1950’s.

The recently cleaned and reclaimed shop and safe place my Uncle cherished. No more clutter or being sealed off as a painful reminder. A reasonably nice workbench was found.
The front flower bed just off the front porch has a little bit of Spring color. The empty flower pots and the water logged beds are begging for warmer temps and a little more lingering colors heading into Summer.

Tomorrow, we will do a tidying up in the Garage to make room to create tables. Then we will attempt to better figure out the lighting situation and tear down the very haphazard, rigged up lighting we have now. Finally, we will head into the basement and den to sort through boxes and move them up the stairs and into the Garage. This has to be done carefully at first as there is little means of securing anything outside the house, so only those things we could afford to lose will be headed out into the Garage or Patio or Storage Shed.


One thought on “Hoarding Woes: Progress & A Few Oddities

  1. First of all, I LOVE that shower door.

    Secondly: Wow, over $10,000 stolen? And that’s what she could remember being taken. How awful.

    It looks like you’re making progress. Good on ya! Keep it up, and keep those pics coming.

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