Hoarding Woes: Oh, That Damn Storage Locker!

Hoarding stuff in a Storage Locker: Last August, I wrote about my Aunt’s Storage Locker. At the time, I remarked about the long term cost and the amount of stuff in there. Well, seven months have ticked by ($2,700 storage fees) and there has been no resolution to the contents. Should we sell it as is without inspecting all the contents? There is almost no room in the giant locker to inspect the contents. Should we remove the contents and to where? It would refill the garage and carport or the entire patio and storage shed we just cleaned out. It has to be removed and soon.

And, this is how my Aunt got herself in a bind. She had a lot of her stuff in a shop where for several years she moved her stuff in and out at a profit in addition to sales at home and at my moms. Then she lost the shop and had to move all the contents to her home. It never went away, yet she continued to buy stuff.

It is mentally daunting right now to consider moving even more stuff into the spaces we have worked so hard to open up. But, something must be done.


One thought on “Hoarding Woes: Oh, That Damn Storage Locker!

  1. Well, I would ask myself this:

    As you’ve cleaned out the garage/carport/house, have you found important and/or valuable things (jewelry, cash, the deed to the house, etc.) scattered throughout the hoard? Or was your aunt fairly organized about it and had the important stuff in a relatively separate space from the other stuff?

    If the answer is the former, then there’s a high probability that there’s important and/or valuable items in that storage shed. That means you’ll have to go through the storage shed. Especially if there are important items that you have yet to come across. That will mean paying additional storage fees, or hauling the stuff to the house to be sorted through.

    Sorry. There’s just no easy way to deal with all of this. My mother was the “important stuff scattered through the hoard” type, so I learned very quickly to inspect every scrap of paper before discarding it. It would have been such a relief to just scoop up piles and toss them out, but the way my mom’s disorganization manifested itself, it just wasn’t possible. _(It’s a good thing I looked at all the papers, too, because I found some critical info about my disabled brother’s taxes that got him off the hook for an incorrect income tax bill from the IRS.)

    Anyway, good luck dealing with this.

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