Hoarding Woes: Take a Deep Breath

Getting ready for another hoarding cleanup extravaganza this weekend. Having another drop box delivered this afternoon. The Team is set, even eager, to finish the garage (hard to photograph, but one half remains, then a very jammed back store room, furniture tethered up in the rafters! and out a back storage porch). Behind the garage is a jumbled mess of yard care stuff and a green house.  

So far, the Team has collected 4,080 pounds of scrap metal with just the rusted this and that. At .10 a pound it helps to cover gas costs and is then divided amongst the two Team members that have helped sooooo much. I pay them in addition to the scrap metal.

The Back Room...a faint recollection from 53 years ago.

The back shop or trophy room, was in my mind as a special place. My uncle died while I was a self absorbed teen. I missed the opportunities to know him better. I have one fond memory in that special room, at the back of the garage. I remembered the paneled walls, which for me were fancy back in the late 50’s. He was working on something, and chatted with me as I stood in the door way. I recalled the racks of deer and elk on the wall. 

Later that day, he gave me a fly rod, and that planted the seeds for my life long love of fly fishing. Where we set the drop box each time, at the corner of the house, is where we stood and he handed me the rod (it is ironically also close to where my aunt fell and broke her knee which precipitated her rapid decline). 

Now that back room is piled high. There is a hole in the ceiling and I am not sure if there is/was a nest up there, or if there was damage to the ceiling to repair something. The room is more jumbled than the garage. I don’t hold out hope of many treasures back there. My aunt had a boyfriend of short duration in the early 80’s and he sold off a lot of my late uncles outdoor ‘tools’ (rifles, shotguns, fishing gear, camping stuff).

 I am making this my special project tomorrow. Probably some critters have been back in there. Maybe I will find one obvious remnant of my uncle. Maybe even a treasure.


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