Hoarding Woes: Real Spring Cleaning

My Chair...when I visited my dear Aunt. It had been buried beneath stuff, up and over the back and all around the sides. At one time the TV was consumed with stuff and every inch of that freshly vacuumed carpet was covered for years. Today, space was gained in the living room.

Today the Living Room was almost reclaimed. Room was gained to the point a vacuum cleaner could be used. The couch was pulled out from the spot it has set upon for ever and the thick dust behind was suctioned up. Piles and piles of old paid bills were removed. Dozens and dozens of boxes of costume jewelry (there are hundreds of boxes throughout the house) were moved to a central “let’s put the jewelry here” spot. Stacks and stacks of clothing (with hangers) covered furniture, boxes and the floor to chest level. Behind the inner mountain of stuff are the keepsakes, the treasures, the bounty that somehow did not get crushed by the cascading, shifting stuff.

Doesn't look like much...an end table, a small plant or two by the window and freshly vacuumed carpet. But, this corner was buried until today and that poor little Christmas Cactus was the only living plant in the house. Thank goodness one shouldn't over water the plant because getting to it was no small task, given how stuff was piled in and around it an access blocked to all but the sure footed climbing atop the piled debris of stuff.

These several times a week forays into the interior of the house will return the home to the beauty that once was. My Aunt was extremely proud of the home her husband had built and all the interior work he personally did. In honor of her, we are not rushing. Week by week we will regain the interior beauty and soon we will add splashes of color outside.


2 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: Real Spring Cleaning

    1. Thank you! We are taking our time and thank God we have help too. Between the four of us that have worked we add up to one good person given the maladies that challenge us. We are most challenged outside right now. The inside although jammed is dusty but not as overwhelming as my mom’s place. We do have the storage locker I have written about below. At $300. a month, it sits there (12’w x 25’l x 15’h) full and is a financial drain. Right now we have no where to store that vast amount of stuff, but will have to empty that soon to somewhere. Thanks for visiting.

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