Hoarding Woes: Foggy Morning, Foggy Minds

Cold, foggy morning. It is suppose to burn off and get to 60+ today. Wouldn’t that be nice! Headed down to Auntie’s house. A fair amount of shuffling already sorted stuff that I placed in carport last Summer and now blocks access into the garage. I left a bit of a trail, but it needs to be widened out and the footing made safer. The red pump was a favorite of my dad. I grabbed it as we were cleaning out their home. 

I have already stacked the carport floor to ceiling and the pallets you see are well covered in boxes now. So the stacks have already been sorted last Summer (driveway cleanup) and can be moved without the bother of sorting to make a trail into the front of the garage. Access via the back will entail clearing briars and raspberry vines. Once inside an outer door there is a large amount of stuff to be sorted that blocks an inner door that will get us into the rear of the garage. Then like the transcontinental railroad we will work toward each other. Cool analogy huh?

I went by the old house the other day. The new owners have torn out all the shrubs, roses and clematis my parents tended to. They have planted some trees in the front yard and are putting their touches on their property.

So be it. I am sure, in retrospect, my parents did the same when they took the property over from the original owner. Life goes on. Not always as we would have it, but  we must look for the positives…the half full moments (or totally full!) of life on a daily basis when dealing with loss, with grief, with change.  


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