Hoarding Woes: The Dead in the Shed

The Team made amazing progress today by emptying out the Patio’s last unknown stuff and introducing a little bit of known stuff. Great strides were made to clear the walkway between the buildings and to enter the Storage Shed, which is now about 75% completed. The endeavor stopped because another 20 yard box is full. Another will be delivered tomorrow morning at 9 a.m.

The Pathway that runs between the Patio/Carport, Garage/Storage Shed was cleared again toward the Storage Shed.
The Storage Shed was opened once the walkway was cleared away to allow access.

The Storage Shed had all manner of stuff crammed in there. There was little in the way of value and the individual boxes were a hodge podge of contents. 

Recesses in the dark corners of the Storage Shed provided plenty of shelter for critters to live and die. Last year we found several dead baby possum around the outside edges of the Storage Shed.
I am thankful we have not encountered these critters alive. They have been just dead or long dead.

I know, I know...but there they were...the remains of four good size adult possums. In this cleanup, at my Aunt's, there have been eleven dead adult possums. At my mom's there were even more. So, while the hoarder is moving stuff in and around they are oblivious to these friends. I can tell you that both my Mom and Aunt would have freaked had they known what lurked alive and/or dead amongst their stuff.
Yes, in the end, the Storage Shed started yielding space. It is about 75% empty. Tomorrow morning it will be empty. Then the plan is to move some of the contents from the Carport that is currently blocking access into the front of the Garage. So, once again, space gained is filled with items for later sales or donations.

A very successful day. Tomorrow will be another busy day and hopefully access will be gained into the Garage via the front and rear, which right now are blocked off.


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