Hoarding Woes: Making Space To Refill….For Now

This morning...the remainder of the Patio to be cleared.
Working toward the upper left of the picture...toward an outside fireplace.
Wow! Open spaces and the back of the patio revealed after decades.The tile floor is badly stained with feces and urine inches thick.
And, as will always happen, some open spaces gained by hard work have to be refilled with sorted items as you attack new areas. Hopefully, one is aggressively removing items and ultimately gaining space in the long run.
The Walkway between the garage and patio/storage shed was severely obstructed with stuff and trip hazards
Box by box the rotted stuff was removed opening a passage way to the heavily hoarded back yard...last Summer.
Team Member Darly did a wonderful job cleaning the pathway from front to back
This morning...as often happens, the walkway became full with set aside stuff. Where the small extension ladder is, is the opening to the very full storage shed that has not been accessed in years. We shall see how our walkway progresses. This is important because it is full of trips and slips hazard right now.

One thought on “Hoarding Woes: Making Space To Refill….For Now

  1. annietiques

    The bones of this home are just plain amazing……….that fireplace is to die for!!! I can imagine a lovely late summer evening with the fire roaring and drinks flowing….

    Amazing progress……….still can’t get over the quantity of stuff!! Can’t wait till you hit the garage…..

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