Hoarding Woes: Weekend Drill Once Again

Just to touch base: We will attempt to fill two more drop boxes this weekend….shouldn’t be a problem. About 10% of the patio remains and we will switch our attention to cleaning up some outside pathways which will open up access to a gnarly outside shed of sorts that we have never ventured into. It should be interesting. From there we intend to clear paths into the front and back of the garage area, which has not been opened in 27 years and is jammed. I can only imagine what we will find in there!

I keep showing this aerial, but it serves to show our progress and plan of attack. The patio, carport and shed will become sorting areas to stage sales and stay out of the elements without dragging things into the house. The pathway between the patio/carport and the garage/'storage' shed is again full of odds and ends. It has been cleaned up several times but as you sort, you fill up adjacent areas with the undecideds or 'we'll get to it later' stuff. The plan is to make considerable room available and then attack the 'storage' shed and the garage.

Interestingly the helpers last weekend set aside a pile of metal. It turned out to weigh around 1700#’s and netted them $200.00.


Significant changes are afoot at my company. I need to stay near and focused. I have already fallen behind on my Aunt’s matters and really must complete a lot of the key moves required to move the estate settlement along. The death certificates arrived today…an always sobering document that lends  a final feel to her passing. 


2 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: Weekend Drill Once Again

    1. Yes, totally true. Slips, trips and falls are frequent enough I’m afraid. Falling stacks, banged shins and ankles. Lifting and turning, bending and lifting awkward objects all contribute to soreness and hopefully not injuries.

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