Hoarding Woes: Mold Hazards…Be Careful

I have always been prone to respiratory infections and irritation. I have a particularly bad time with mold. My throat seizes up when I am in close proximity to the crap. A good thing, in that it alerts me to slow down and look. This past weekend, I was working my way into a far corner of the patio we were clearing. The area was becoming increasingly damp due to a clogged up gutter above. As I grabbed boxes full of stuff, I could see the contents were covered with a fuzzy, blotchy substance. The bottoms of the boxes gave way often. Within short order, I had to back out of the area unable to breathe and eyes stinging. I have acquired protective masks in the past with filters. I neglected to wear one as all seemed fine, at first. With just having recovered from a respiratory ailment, this was particularly careless on my part. Mold Hazards  

Mold...Looking at it makes me twitch



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