Hoarding Woes: Loud Voice…’Are You Ready?’

Looking about with an anxious eye….  I am ordering the first drop box since last Summer. The first one will be easily filled and probably the  next few. But, we already filled close to eleven last Summer in the two months we plowed through the back yard and long driveway.

Eventually, given the make up of the stuff, we will reach more sorting than tossing and the whole process will slow down to prepping for sales and donations.

  I am told I will have help…at least two strong backs. The good things here is I am of a mind to go slow. I feel no timeline crunch or sense of urgency to rush. I still have ‘that cough’ and I am quite sure that any exertion and the dust etc. will bring me to a (well I won’t describe it…I’ll spare you that).

So, are you ready? Let the new (ok, let’s revisit) hoarding woe’s journey at Auntie’s castle. It will be a long Summer (year). I can only show you so many pictures of tarps, dead animals, piles of boxes and filled drop boxes, but I will show some of that as benchmarks of accomplishment. I will share the mental decompression of grief, bittersweetness, loss. I will share what we learn that is a surprise and that may benefit all. 

How I will look when I am not worried. I may have a beer or a cigar out of sight.

And, I darn well guarantee you that I will go fly fishing way more than I have the last two ++ years.


2 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: Loud Voice…’Are You Ready?’

  1. Michaela

    I have just spent the past few hours reading all your posts from beginning to end, and I just want to hug you so much. The building of your relationship with your aunt was so touching and tender. What a wonderful, strong, loving person you are! Please be good to yourself, stay healthy. And go fly fishing more!

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