Gently Into The Night She Went……………

Sweet Aunt Tillie, after days of such demanding change, spent the last hour leaving this world in the most gentle and graceful manner. Ever more gently her breathing diminished. With much love my wife and I whispered our  prayers  to this sweet girl. She eased from this world at 5:00 a.m., on what looks to be a beautiful Sunday morning.

Sweet Tillie (21) 1938


7 thoughts on “Gently Into The Night She Went……………

  1. Sleepless in Seattle

    Ok you can ignore my whole last comment. Bless you. Bless her. God is with her I know. Lots of people are with you in mind, body and prayer. Rest sweet man rest!

  2. annietiques

    Tillie, you are loved my more than you know……..and known by more than you could possibly imagine! All over the world people know the story of you and your sisters……and have grown to love you and your loving nephew and his wife.

    I agree, rest sweet man rest! Everything else can wait………..

  3. Rae NcEnttire

    She is at peace now, no longer ill. God has her in His loving embrace. Now you need to rest and heal. You are a wonderful son and nephew. I carry you and your family in prayer…in my heart.

  4. Wren

    Bless your sweet little aunt. Thanks to you, she spent the end of her life wrapped in love. I echo Sleepless in urging you now to rest and take care of yourself.

    I think of lot of us online were keeping vigil alongside you in spirit. These last few days your words reminded me powerfully of the last weeks at my brother’s bedside (he died of cancer at age 40 six years ago yesterday). Thank you for sharing your struggles and your heart with us.

  5. Bless you, and your aunt too. You have earned a rest and she is at peace and free from pain. Good luck in the coming days and weeks ( &.months) as you deal with the final plans for your aunt, with your family,and lastly with the hoarding house.

  6. Nora from Ottawa, Canada

    Hard to know what to say & worried about saying the wrong thing… You’ve been so sweet & loving towards your aunt — my mother battled depression for a couple of decades & then got lung cancer & was diagnosed with dementia — I am so afraid that I will not be patient with her as things move forward. My deepest concolences to you. I hope you know how good a nephew you’ve been.

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