It is a beautiful day. Sunny, bright, inviting. I sit beside her and listen. The med’s provide comfort for the throes. The Hospice Nurse just departed. The time is near. Really? ‘Yes’ she says. ‘A few hours at most’.

I wonder if that bright sunshine is somehow visible to this little girl? I know darn well she’d be thinking of pruning those roses back and weeding in preparation for those geraniums in the front porch pots.

We planted them together last Spring, but she will have to trust me to do it this Spring.


3 thoughts on “Soon…………….

  1. annietiques.

    Give your sweet Auntie a kiss from me; I thank you for letting us inside her world and yours. I for one have learned so much about real love and respect for another human being. May God be with her.

  2. Rae McEnttire

    I have been praying for you and your family since I began reading this blog several months ago. You have been so tender and loving towards your Auntie. She will go, knowing she is loved. You will honor her memory by caring for her geraniums. May God be with you all. I carry you in prayer…in my heart.

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