That damn hem…….

I came upon this picture of my aunt from 1942 in Portland. The picture was with a couple of letters between her and her sister in California. They were corresponding about the visible hem in the picture and how to correct it. The  girls were the product of a mother, who made all their clothing, which was the norm in those days. So, the girls (young women), to include my mom, were big into sewing up skirts, blouses, dresses, even coats and jackets.  She was very frustrated in the letter on how poor the camera made the outfit look. She wrote ‘But with the time I have invested I must wear it now’.

In later years, my Auntie rarely dressed up. Her attire was usually one of tennis shoes with velcro closures, white anklets, denim jeans rolled up at the cuff because she now barely reached 5′, a sweater, a vest, a scarf and her ‘hank of hair’ (her wig) askew, atop her head with wisps of grey hair streaming from beneath the wig.

 If she dressed up, she had a standard outfit she pulled from a bazillion piles of clothing in her hoarding home…tan slip on, leather flats, black polyester pants, a nice blouse with a knit vest, jewelry to include rings, earrings, maybe a necklace or a brooch. Her wig would be nicely styled and not a wisp of hair protruding, and then her large framed glasses.

I posted this picture awhile back. It is my Auntie to the left (93 y/o then) and her Sister to the South (92 y/o then). This picture was taken one week before my Auntie fell and broke her knee and set the spiraling decline in motion.


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