Lost In Time: The Present Is So……….

I have been pouring through old photographs. Most of them are scratched up or poor composition. I have found a few that are captivating for sure. I am putting together a slide show to honor my Auntie. I wish I would have done this for my mom. I wrote a nice eulogy for her, but pictures would have been nice. So far I have culled through hundreds of old pictures and quite a few I recently took. This process has taken me back in time to see the expressions on my Aunt’s face, but also my parents and my other aunt and uncles. So, much promise shines through just on the heels of the Great Depression and WWII.

My mom (22), My Dad home from overseas, and My Auntie (27) here. My mom married at 18 and my dad took off for almost four years with not one leave. My mom survived that separation by becoming very close to her sister....a life long closeness for 60+ years (not counting their childhood on the farm) that included a lot of grief and a relationship that only sisters can appreciate (the good and the bad). These two girls became partners in crime so to speak...both became massive hoarders after their husband's died (my mom 16 years worth and my auntie decades worth).

This photo assemblage is a bittersweet endeavor now. But, today as I sat beside my aunt for several hours, as she thrashed and flailed continually, I welcomed the escape. I have read that she is not in distress or pain. I know she has received adequate dosages of med’s. But, it is disconcerting to watch. Couple that with the observation that the other residents were on a bit of an uprising. The atmosphere was in sharp contrast to the escapism I had enjoyed assembling more pictures early this morning. 

Yet another day of agitation, no communication, no food, no water, no recognition.

I had enough. I walked out into a gloomy, wet afternoon. I decided to go workout to vent off some of my pent up energy. That didn’t help much either….I have been sitting on my keister much too long of late. Eek!



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