Contemplating the End……….

My Auntie lost in thought awhile she is lost in that inner place they go.

Her sister came one last time to see her this morning. I had summoned them, if they wanted the last opportunity while she was still alive. But, I have said that before. I thought I knew better than to go there again?

She has not spoken in three days. She does not open her eyes, but a small slit and there is no acknowledgement anymore. No smiles, no movement of the face. She is inside somewhere. Her arms and legs continue that random flailing. The breathing is shallow and irregular. 

The hospice nurse came by today. The head shake and shrug were replaced with a nod and a look of sadness. No ability to rouse my Auntie. “Where’s that pretty little smile?” There was none…. For now, the smiles must be retained in the memory and refreshed by pictures here and there.

Was she not just the most adorable little girl (1939)

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