Do You See Why I’m……………….?

Do you see why I am retreating from anything definite? Two days ago, I watched my Auntie’s chest seriously barely rise and fall…I was ‘certain’ she was ‘again’ near death. How is this possible? I have heard it enough to know the process can draw out. It has been just one month since she broke her hip and this hospice journey has tested everyone’s resolve. I am putting my mind in neutral and as I have said take it as it comes.

Up, up and then..................

So today, my dear sweet Auntie awakens out of her deep slumber. What does she do? She wants to know who the man is in the room (there is no one in her room save my wife) and she wants to hold her angel! 

What can be said? Bless her! One day, more, no matter. It was memorable and so sweet.

This is why I have to create mental space from all this up and down, hour to hour, day to day theater. One moment everyone agrees, ‘well it won’t be long’ and the next day, literally, she is hugging her angel and staring at the man in the room. Lordy Me!



2 thoughts on “Do You See Why I’m……………….?

  1. My mom also went quickly downhill and passed away in the first month after she broke her hip. On several different days she told the nurse there was an old man in her room and she talked to him. She called him: “Old Man” which is what she called my dad. I asked her who is was and she said: “An old Marine” which was a description also of my dad. Mom told me she was annoyed dad wasn’t responding to her when she talked to him. I told her he wasn’t there — he was at home and we could call him on the phone. Maybe it is common to think the person you want to see is actually there. I think it gave her comfort to have him “there– in the room with her”. Thanks for sharing your journey with us,

  2. My Mother could mo longer stand without help and she didn’t always trust that I could support her without help. One day when she was really needing to get on the bedside potty, she wanted me to get “that man over there” to help me. I told her I just didn’t think he’d be much help. Sometimes you just have to laugh or you’ll cry.

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