The Snow & Agitations Fly

Today is one of snow flurries, sunbreaks and my aunt on a mental journey. She is agitated and flailing. She does not recognize me, but did smile when I mentioned it was snowing. She thought I was her departed sister. She is receiving morphine for crushing head pain and overall pain as well as Lorazepam for the anxiety/agitation as needed. She refuses sips of water, but I do moisten her lips with a sponge on a stick gizmo. No food in a long time. 

As I walked into the care facility this morning, I noticed these little shoots sticking up before the snow came. I also noticed many of the roses showing the tiniest of new growth. The contrasts in nature are frequent aren't they? If we look about us.

Thank goodness I learned last Summer to not get caught up in correcting my aunt’s every misstatement or hallucination. I just roll with it and if I am Viola or Felix or Harold then that is who I am for the moment.

I am converting my mind over to a protracted part time vigil back filled by family. Life is currently chaotic on multiple fronts. I must divide my time and focus. It’s ok.


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