Hospice & Self Awareness and Your Health

You know something is dominating your life, at a deeper level and on the surface, when you think about it awake, and dream about it. I need to sleep some sort of restful sleep, yet it escapes me. I doze, conjure up some dream centering around the following: my aunt and her death, my mom’s death, the hoarding messes and some location with a pile that seems daunting to conquer. 

No dreams about camping, fly fishing or something erotic? No, just the dominating forces that have dominated my mind for several years. 

That said, I am soon heading to my aunt’s bedside to visit, say some sweetisms, then head to work, then back to her. Health, my health: yesterday I failed to eat and drank two cups of coffee. I got home late and wolfed down some left over stuff my kid had concocted and went to bed. It didn’t set well and obviously isn’t healthy to function this way. Balance, attention to self care, mental self-discipline is all necessary to weather the before, during and after of this life’s journey. 

To not maintain this balance and self awareness is to court disaster for our health, and our ability to care for others in our life. I know better.


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